Neverwinter Nights Jasperre's AI Beta -

Jasperre's AI 1.4 beta download

Under Construction

Here is beta 2 of my AI, instructions are as follows:

This is the second beta - missing much of what will hopefully be in the final one. Noting as well that this has partial modularity compared to before (its a work in process).

Also read the stuff when you import it.

Oh, and it is only J_AI_ scripts, no NW_ scripts - you can resave them manually (it doesn't take more then 5 minutes) as the headers of all the scripts which are overlapping with Bioware's have the default script name and the J_AI one too.

I'd rather you just put bug reports/suggestions/reports or stuff like that on the beta forums.

Andy (Jasperre)

Download locations:

Quick changelog:

My AI Guild is located at the Bioware site here if you have feedback.