Neverwinter Nights Jasperre's AI -

Jasperre's AI 1.3

Under Construction

Now updated from 1.2. 1.3 holds an entire AI package that can be used with, or without Bioware's AI (Override or not). It basically tried to improved a creature's combat actions - including perception (hearing) spellcasting (choosing the right spells) and targeting (not always going for the nearest...). Please note: The ERF's included have been reverted using Lilacs reverter. Nothing in the scripts or Spell Trigger creature should not be in NwN 1.62, however, if there is an error, contact me.

Version 1.3 Updates

There are many fixes not included above, because I don't keep much in the way of a log of changes.

Download locations:

My AI Guild is located at the Bioware site here if you have feedback.